Tuesday, December 25, 2012

.i am bailee graves.

I have found it's very easy to know my name.  It's not quite as easy to know who I am.  That's quite a complicated endeavor.  

I am more than a wife.

I am more than a mother.

I am more than a daughter; a sister; an aunt.

I am more than an employee; more than a Christian; more than a friend.

Those are all roles that I play.  Day in and day out I am one of those things to everybody.  

But who am I to me?  Who am I in my soul?

If I were me, all alone, who would I be? 

As I near 50 I am learning how very important it is that I find out who I am.  That I know who Bailee Graves truly is and how to make her happy.

This is the beginning of my journey.  Every day will bring me closer.  Some with tears; some with laughs.  But before it's over I will not only know WHO Bailee Graves is; I will BE Bailee Graves.


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